In its most basic definition, vertigo is a sensation of motion. The way we see it, the sensation of motion is.

where the fun is!


At Vertigo, we create that sensation for all fun seekers, offering a myriad of thrilling, high (or low) flying, sliding, jumping, climbing, game playing, soaring adventures, and always with a soft landing.

Vertigo feels like bouncing on air – because it is. Will you feel off balance, unstable, giddy? Absolutely. Will you feel a whirlwind, sensory overload, joyfully delirious? 100%!Will you lose your balance, your inhibitions, your mind? Bet on it!

What is an Inflatable Airpark?

Also known as an inflatable park, Vertigo is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Our venue contains giant slides, walls and ramps for climbing and jumping from, inflatable obstacles to run through, bounce areas to run, fall, leap and of course bounce! There’s so much to experience, all in a safe, clean, soft and FUN environment.

Who can participate in our Jump Sessions?

Everyone is welcome at Vertigo. Our inflatables are fun for all ages, though we do require a paying adult to accompany kids 5 years and under on the inflatables. Vertigo is open for kids of all ages, including adults who are still kids at heart.

What's There to do at an Inflatable Airpark?

Our air park facilities have a range of features to make your experience fun and interesting, including slides, obstacle courses, climbing walls, tunnels, bounce areas, and more. Plus, we have an arcade with a full prize redemption center, and a café for food and drinks.

Do I need special socks?

Yes, we have amazing V socks that will be yours once you purchase for just $3.50!

What should I wear?

Any type of active wear is great for a visit to Vertigo. You may want to consider long pants and long sleeves to protect your skin from possible friction burns on our soft play attractions.

Is there a charge for adults?

Any age 4 & under jump pass includes a free parent pass admission. We require an adult chaperone with jumpers aged 4 & under. (Vertigo socks are required for the child and the parent)

Can I drop off my children to play at Vertigo?

All children must be supervised by an adult or person 18 years of age or older. Parents and caregivers must stay on the premises. You are responsible for your child/children at all times. No drop-offs. We do not provide daycare services.

Are adults allowed to play?

Adults are allowed to play in our facility. We offer a 50% off parent pass for same ticket items when purchased for a child.

Are socks required?

Yes, we require everyone, including adults, to wear Vertigo socks in our arena for health and safety.

What if I have socks from a different park?

We require our specially designed Vertigo socks to be worn while enjoying our attraction. They can be purchased for $3.50 and can be brought back each visit.

Can I bring outside food?

We do not allow any outside food in our play area; however, we have several food and beverage options at our café.

Can I enter the play area without signing a waiver?

Waivers are required for everyone entering the play area.

How often do you sanitize your play equipment?

At Vertigo, we are committed to the health and safety of our guests and employees. We have worked diligently to enhance our health and safety and cleanliness standards. These protocols and guidelines will be updated based on evolving industry standards and methodologies and public health and governmental directives.

Is there free Wi-Fi available?

Yes, we offer Free Wi-Fi service to our guests. Please ask for login information at the front desk.